Michael Sarno

Michael Sarno Farrier Service

Mobile Farrier Service Monday-Saturday

Consulting Fee


Services Offered

First Class Farrier Service

Serving The Greater Phoenix Area  


Performance Shoeing – Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Walking Horses, Arabian Show Horses w/ Stacks or Flat Shoes.

Pleasure  Shoeing – The Mighty Trail Horse

Therapeutic Shoeing – Laminitis, managing chronic laminitis, navicular, club foot, quarter cracks

Horseshoeing Prices
Full Shoeing  - $150.00 (also includes a set of pads if needed)
Half Shoeing  - $125.00 (also includes trimming hind feet)
Trimming -        $50.00

Internet Consulting Service - Phone Consultation for Equine Lameness

Internet consulting services are usually for clients that are out of my service area.

All first time callers and inquires are completely free of charge.

I will diagnose your horses lameness and explain how to use the proper remedy.

* Simply email me pictures of your horses hooves.
* Email a 10-20 second video of your horse, at a walk, then trot.
* Email current x-rays if available.

After receiving pictures, video, and x-rays (if available), there is a small fee for the diagnose and the remedy.