Michael Sarno

My horseshoeing career started in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois. I was 9 years old at that time and I received a coal forge and anvil for my birthday. Every day after school my father would teach me how to make horse shoes in the coal forge. By age 12, I could make front and hind pattern shoes from various types of bar stock.

I also found great pleasure in riding many different breeds of horses. Back then my father would buy horses at the auction yards and bring them home. My job was to put 30 days of riding on each horse and then we would re-sell the horse to make a small profit.

By age 16, I started to shoe horses with my father. I worked with my father for 15 years shoeing horses all over America. At that time my father was shoeing Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Fox Trotters, Pacers, Trotters, English, Western, and even a few Draft horses.

By now I am in my 30's and we have moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Our primary focus there was shoeing 3 day event horses. By 1987, I started to branch out on my own and set up my own shoeing business. Although I was self employed, I continued to work with my father two days a week until he retired in 2001.

I have extensive experience and knowledge of most all breeds and disciplines. I have 7 years experience with therapeutic shoeing for a local equine hospital (Southwest Equine). I have extensive knowledge on laminitis and chronically foundered horses. I have built many support systems for these types of horses with great success.
I have also shod Internationally for top horseman and I am a producer of a well known instructional video called, Horse Magic, shoeing techniques for five common lamenesses.

I am currently living in Mesa, Arizona and offer a farrier service throughout the Phoenix area.


First Class Farrier Service

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