Michael Sarno Farrier Service | (602) 710-5595 | Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Rio Verde | Arizona

I am a second generation farrier with over 36 years of experience. I have traveled internationally and worked in a few countries around the world. Combining old world skills and new age technology to bring out the best in performance and therapeutic shoeing for your horse. My extensive knowledge of equine anatomy and physiology insures correct diagnostics. When it comes to my passion for delivering maximum results to restore soundness to the lame horse, and enhanced performance and support for the sound horse, no lameness is too daunting for me to tackle. I will work hard to get the horse at peak performance, and I am very patient when working with horses.

‚ÄčI am a no nonsense type farrier. When we make a schedule for the horses, I will always do my best to be there on time. Your recreation is my livelihood, and I am very serious about my work. I am currently looking for new clients. I am a farrier that can save you thousands of dollars each year on lameness related bills. I am also highly schooled in shoeing horses with acute laminitis and managing horses with chronic laminitis. Give me a call, let's talk about your horse. I look forward to working with you.